Sceptre Tips

22 Dec

X300 MTU
Note that the USRP X300 has both 1G and 10G interfaces. Sceptre will find both IP during USRP configuration. Delete the IP for the 1G interface as UHD will query both and use the lower of the two MTU to set the frame size, possibly resulting in lower performance.

Using the DVR with high sample rates can chew through an SSD. Make a RAM filesystem and use that for the DVR. If the system has 128 GB RAM then 96 GB is appropriate for DVR use, which will give a 90 second DVR at 200 Msps.

Create a RAM disk in Linux

free -g
sudo mkdir /mnt/ramdisk
sudo mount -t tmpfs -o size=96G tmpfs /mnt/ramdisk
chmod 777 /mnt/ramdisk/
df -h /mnt/ramdisk/


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