USRP N210 and HDSDR Setup

10 Feb

Notes on setup of HDSDR software with the USRP N210 via the ExtIO interface

Instructions here

Click to access application_note_usrp_and_hdsdr_spectrum_monitoring.pdf

Configuration as of 7/23/2013
Window 7 64-bit
Ettus USRP N210 Rev 4
UHD 003.005.003 for Windows
UHD 003.005.000 for USRP
HDSDR 2.63
ExtIO USRP 1.5.1

Install UHD driver for Windows
Install uhd_003.005.003-release_Win64.exe from:
This will place utility file in C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\utils\

Install ExtIO compatible UHD for USRP
As of 7/23/2013 must use UHD 003.005.000 from:

Unzip and copy usrp_n210_fw.bin and usrp_n210_r4_fpga.bin to C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\utils\

Open up a shell and cd to C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\utils\

Run the following:
usrp_n2xx_simple_net_burner --addr --fw usrp_n210_fw.bin --fpga usrp_n210_r4_fpga.bin

Install HDSDR

Install ExtIO

Update USRP firmware before returning to GNU Radio
Running usrp_n2xx_simple_net_burner.exe will download and update USRP with the the latest firmware

Windows shortcut
Install USRP ExtIO Firmware
"C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\utils\usrp_n2xx_simple_net_burner.exe" --addr "" --fw "usrp_n210_fw.bin" --fpga "usrp_n210_r4_fpga.bin"

Windows shortcut
Restore USRP Latest Firmware
"C:\Program Files (x86)\UHD\share\uhd\utils\usrp_n2xx_simple_net_burner.exe" --addr ""


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