Commodore 64 Setup

1 Jul

Ah, the treasures that await on Craigslist! Recently picked up a Commodore 64. Not sure if it was an impulse buy, since my wife was out of town and couldn’t veto it, or maybe trying to regain lost youth. I had one back in the day, however, I sold it to my high school electronics teacher. The only remaining item from my youth was a cartridge of Star Trek Strategic Operations Simulator, a port of awesome vector graphics arcade game. Anyway, I have been adding to the collection over the past few weeks, all vintage items found on KC Craigslist with the exception of the 1541 drive and Supergraphics printer adapter.

Commodore 64 console

Computermate keyboard cover

Commodore 1701 monitor with component video cable

Commodore 1541 floppy drive

Commodore 1530 Datasette

Panasonic KX-P1123 dot matrix printer

Xetec Supergraphics printer interface / buffer

TrippLite Command Console

Wico Command Control joysticks (qty 2)

Wico trackball

Comet 64 modem

EasyFlash 3

uIEC/SD flash drive

Zoom Floppy controller

Flyer Internet Modem




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